Owl/Flicker/Kestrel Houses with IP227W Wireless Camera

Suitable for Eastern Screech and Saw-Whet Owls.  Also suitable for Northern Flickers

Nestbox specifications:

  • The round entrance hole is 3 inches in diameter.

  • Drainage holes are provided provided in the box bottom to allow any rain entering the box to drain from the box and to provide air circulation to keep nesting material dry.

  • Vents near the roof providing cross ventilation.

Our Owl and flicker houses are available in Pine.  


Key Benefits

  • Quality Construction

  • Ceramic coated screws

  • 100+ ft  transmission distance

  • No-Glow Infra-Red LED's provide light for the camera without disturbing the nesting birds

  • P2P Technology for easy set-up


Set includes        

  • IP227W Wireless Camera mounted in the birdhouse

  • IP Camera Quick Guide

  • IP Camera Installation CD (user manual is included on the CD)

  • Choice of power supply

IP Camera FAQ


IP227W Camera



100 ft AC adaptor 



40 W Solar Power Kit  

please be sure to read our FAQ concerning solar systems



Owl/Kestrel/Flicker House with IP227W Wireless Camera and AC Adaptor


Owl/Kestrel/Flicker House with IP227W Wireless Camera and 40 Watt Solar Power Kit  





Need Mounting HardwareWe offer many options for mounting your nestbox.

Nestbox more than 100 ft from your router?  Consider our PoE systems or add an Access Point to your router and extend coverage up to 1000ft.




IP Camera EZ setup instructions (pdf)



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