Field Monitoring of Cavity Nesting Birds


Starting at  $299.99


These battery powered systems are specifically designed for short-term use to monitor remote sites without power or Internet.  The camera can be programmed to record video or capture a photo using motion detection.  It can also be programmed to record at intervals.  The pictures and/or videos are stored on a removable microSD card. 




Package includes:


IP227R Camera

DC-DC Converter

  • 6 ft cable with battery clips*

  • 6 ft power extension cable

  • 3 ft cable with 900 end

    * batteries and battery charger not included


Battery Powered

Built-In Motion Detection

IR LED's for Night Vision

Install in your existing large birdhouse or purchase ours.


12V 35 ah battery will run the system for up to 3 days.  Great for weekend monitoring.