Wi-Fi Camera and Internet Explorer

Several customers have been having issues installing and viewing their Wi-Fi cameras camera with using Internet Explorer.  A work-around is to use Chrome for installation and viewing.  More detailed instructions will be forthcoming.  As always, if you need assistance, please contact us at


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How do I install the IP Camera?


printable instructions (pdf)



Connecting the Camera


Using a standard Ethernet network cable, connect the camera to your network (depending on your own setup, this may be to your router or switch). Connect the included power adapter to the power port on the camera and the other end into an electrical socket. Check that the power indicator is lit on the front of the camera.


Launch Camera Setup program to detect cameras on the local network

Locate the following files on the Network Camera Set-Up Disk

  • For PC Systems –Open and install PC Camera Setup

  • For MAC Systems –For MAC Systems – Extract the Zip file "Mac camera" and copy the file  "" to the desktop.

Double click on to run the program.

Click Refresh to search for cameras on the local network.

Highlight Network Camera and Click Open

(your image may vary slighty if using a MAC)


A browser will open (IE Explorer, Safari Firefox etc) and your camera type will be displayed (figure 3 and 4)  Click Settings in this browser window to setup the wireless capabilities of the camera with the wizard.

You will be asked for a password.

The camera defaults are:

              User name: admin

              Password: admin

It is recommended to change the administrator password after setup is complete



Setting up the Wireless Camera with the Wizard



 After entering the user name and password, the following window will be displayed.  Click wizard to setup the wireless function of the camera.



A welcome screen will appear.


Click Next 



Choose a name for your camera and type it in the box.


Click Next




Choose your picture quality

Click Next



Date and Time Setup


Choose your Time Zone


Click Next



Verify your current time


Click Next



Wireless Lan Setup


Scan for available networks.


Click Next



Available networks will appear on this list.  Choose your network (by number)


Click Next



Choose your network settings.


Infrastructure refers to the connection to the wireless router.  It is recommended to use security. 


Click Next



Choose your security settings for your router.


Click Next



Enter the required security information in the following windows.


If WEP Security


If WPA-PSK Security



Click Next  


IP Setup


Choose you IP settings.  Automatic is recommended for most users


Click Next


Verify your settings


Click Finish



The camera will now reboot


Click Close


Remove Ethernet cable from the camera. 


Camera is now “wireless"



Opening the Camera Window 


Re-launch the Camera Setup program

              For PC Systems – “Camera Setup”

              For MAC Systems – “Y-Cam setup”


Click Refresh.


Highlight your camera


Click Open



A browser will open and your camera type will be displayed.


Click Enter




Enjoy your live video