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I have followed the Setup instructions for the wireless connections, but the system says it is not connected.


Once you have set the camera up for wireless, please remove the Ethernet cable from the camera.  The camera will then automatically switch to wireless mode, and connect to the network.  You will need to refresh the camera setup software and log back in to the camera.


During the wireless setup, you will be asked to input the wireless security settings for your router.  This can be only a single type of security, not dual security.   If you router is set to AES and TKIP (dual security), the camera will not connect wirelessly. 


Occasionally the router automatically assigning a new IP address to the camera.  In this case it is usually best to manually assign an internal address to your camera that matches the router assignment.  Make this a static IP if possible.   Click here for instructions on assigning an IP address to your camera.