Downloads and Software


IP Camera Software and Documents

P2P Cam-Live for PC beta (zip)

PC IP Camera set-up (zip)

MAC IP Camera set-up (zip)

Multi-Live Viewer  (PC) (.EXE)

Multi-Live Viewer (MAC) (zip)

Multi Live user manual (pdf)

IP Camera EZ Setup instructions (pdf)

Port Forwarding instructions (pdf)

IP Camera User Manual


UBNT Access Point Software

MAC OS Discovery Tool (zip)


Discovery Tool - all platforms (beta) (zip)


Firmware (zip)

IP227 firmware V1.10B

IP Camera 207W V5.00

IP Camera 207W V4.23B20110804 (IR Cameras with microSD card)

IP Camera 207W  v2.56 (IR LED's)

IP Camera 206W  v2.56 (no IR LED's)




EZ Cap Software

Windows 7 Driver (.exe)

XP Driver (.exe)

Video Studio manual (.pdf)


Easy Cap Software (zip)

EasyCap (entire disk 25MB)

Video Adaptor driver (1 channel)

Video Adaptor driver (4 channel)

Multi Viewer Software

Wireless Camera Watcher Software

Windows 7 Driver for Easy Cap (if you are upgrading from a previous driver - please uninstall the old driver first)

Windows 7 Driver for Easy Cap (unzipped)

Vista 32 Bit Driver for Easy Cap

Vista 64 Bit Driver for Easy Cap

ULead Software