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Bird houses also known as nesting boxes are an excellent way to introduce wildlife into your backyard. 

Bird houses also play an important role in the conservation of birds in suburban areas where very few natural nesting cavities are found.  The types of birds that will nest on a yard or property are largely determined by the habitat.  If a particular bird is preferred, then a house suitable for that bird should be selected.


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IP227W Camera


Bluebirds and other small cavity nesting birds


POE Camera

    Eagles and Ospreys
MD326  Outdoor Camera     Wood Ducks

IP207W Camera


    Northern Flickers and Small Owls

Hawkeye Cameras



    American Kestrels  


Low Profile Camera





Acorn Woodpecker


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For tips on nestbox placement, click here.

Bluebird Birdhouse technical specs click here

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