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P2P App Functions


 For iPhone and iPad:

  1. Search and install "Home Eye" from the Apple App store.

  2. Open the application

  3. Click the "add" button and choose "manually" or "barcode" method.  The barcode/QR and the UID are located on the back of the camera.

  4. Enter the default security code "admin"

  5. Click "save" and the camera information will appear on the camera list page.

             Name: Camera (this can be any name you choose)

            UID: ***************** (from the back of the camera)

     6.   The camera is now ready to be viewed.


For Android Systems

  1. Search and install P2PCam264 from the Android Play Store

  2. Open the application and click the "add camera" button

  3. Choose "Scan" and scan the QR code located on the back of the camera.  The UID number can also be entered manually from the back of the camera.

  4. enter security code/camera login password.  (The default is admin)

  5. The camera is now ready to be viewed


Viewing via website

  1. Visit, click sign up and register as a member.

  2. Log in and click “management” icon to add camera. 

  3. Input the UID and the password.

  4. The camera list will appear on the first page


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